We simplify
restaurant food delivery.

We deliver meals from top-rated restaurants for 40% less with free shipping, zero fees, and no-commitment weekly plans.

Lunch Karma was founded with the mission to make restaurant meals affordable and convenient, both at home and work. Life can be stressful and hectic, and there is not enough time for family, fun, work and personal care. Most options to put food on the table are either time consuming or expensive, or both. Cooking at home can take 2-3 hours and shopping, prepping, cooking and cleaning dishes can be exhausting.

Takeout and on-demand deliveries are surely convenient, but can be quite expensive because of high cost of restaurant food, plus delivery fees and tips. So, they are not a viable everyday meal option for most people.

Lunch Karma is changing that. Our unique business model, coupled with data analysis and predictive modeling, allows us to deliver restaurant food to users’ homes and offices for up to 40% less, with free shipping, zero fees, and no-commitment weekly plans.

In order to make fresh, delicious, restaurant food accessible to most people, Lunch Karma delivers both hot and cold restaurant food through its brands Grub Karma and XOOM Foods.

GRUB KARMA: Delivers hot restaurant food daily to cities in Delaware. All meals are made fresh by carefully selected partner restaurants, average meal costs only $10, users can order from over 50 meals from 6 cuisines, and delivery is free and no tips are accepted. Learn more at www.GrubKarma.com.

XOOM FOODS: Ships fully cooked, chilled, heat-and-eat, restaurant food once weekly in a cold box by UPS to user’s door. Currently we ship to most locations in DE, PA, NJ, NY, MD, and DC. Learn more at www.XoomFoods.com.

Just pick your favorite food,
we'll do the rest

We do exhaustive research and partner with only the top rated restaurants, so you don’t have to waste time browsing through endless lists of restaurants, menus, sizes, prices, reviews and ratings every time you order.

Just select the cuisine + food you want, and we will deliver it to you as a hot meal (through our Grub Karma service) or ship it to you in a cold box (through our XOOM Foods service).

We will even deliver meals from 5-6 restaurants if you want food from multiple cuisines. Not only our prices are up to 40% less, we will never charge delivery fees, or any service fees for that matter, and will never ask for no tips.

Food should be this easy!

What makes us different

We are insanely passionate about delivering delicious, fresh restaurant
food that is extremely affordable and incredibly convenient
We are obsessed about premium food quality

We have tasted and approved every food item that you may order. We ensure that restaurants have stellar ratings and meet our 20-point criteria, periodically, or else we bench them.

We believe meals should be joyful experiences

By ordering from us you will save precious time by avoiding shopping, driving, cooking and doing dishes; and can focus more on enjoying family, friends and life.

We believe restaurant food should be affordable daily

That’s why we have removed all delivery fees, service fees and tips. Most likely, buying from is perhaps a lot cheaper if you factor the cost of ingredients and your time.

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